Selections from Reader's Choice, 5th

by Silberstein, Clarke, Dobson

ISBN: 978-0-472-12895-2 | Copyright 2008


This product has been created to allow customers to continue using material from the 5th Edition of Reader's Choice in their online teaching in 2020. Although some material has had to be redacted to honor copyright law and rights limitations, much rich content is available and provided. ]

To facilitate use (especially since some users may have the print version), page numbers from the 2008 print version (978-0-472-03205-1) have been retained, and pages with redacted content are blank except for a note to that effect. No other editorial changes have been made.

The 6th Edition of Reader's Choice will be published in 2021. 

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Introduction (pg. i)
Contents (pg. iii)
Acknowledgments (pg. vi)
Chapter 1 - Discourse Focus (pg. 1)
Chapter 2 - Reading Selections 1A–1B (pg. 29)
Chapter 3 - Nonprose Reading (pg. 59)
Chapter 4 - Reading Selections 1A–1C (pg. 95)
Chapter 5 - Nonprose Reading (pg. 125)
Chapter 6 - Reading Selection 1 (pg. 147)
Chapter 7 - Nonprose Reading (pg. 171)
Chapter 8 - Reading Selection 1 (pg. 209)
Chapter 9 - Nonprose Reading (pg. 241)
Chapter 10 - Reading Selections 1A–1B (pg. 259)
Chapter 11 - Nonprose Reading (pg. 287)
Chapter 12 - Reading Selection 1 (pg. 317)
Chapter 13 - Longer Reading (pg. 351)
Chapter 14 - Longer Reading (pg. 365)
Appendix (pg. 393)

Sandra Silberstein

Sandra Silberstein is Professor of Linguistics, the University of Washington.

Sandra Silberstein is Professor of Linguistics, the University of Washington. 

Mark A. Clarke

Mark Clarke is Professor, University of Colorado at Denver. 

Barbara K. Dobson

Barbara K Dobson is global strategist for Michigan Language Assessment.